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3 reasons why you should get to know RAFTER trim: modern lighting that combines multitasking with functionality

Modern LED lighting offers a whole range of possibilities. One of them is to minimize dimensions while maximizing user benefits. That is what our new RAFTER trim collection is about. A single 15x5cm luminaire can light up the same surface as a traditional 20x20cm AR111 retrofit luminaire! Visual lightness guaranteed, not to mention energy savings. The RAFTER family combines the features of accent lighting, task lighting and general lighting, finding its application in communication, commercial and home spaces. Thanks to its small size and subtle design, RAFTER trim allows you to arrange it into any compositions. How can it be used?

The character of the interior is largely determined by the usefulness and economy of the used forms. It's good when tasteful aesthetics go hand-in-hand with impeccable technical parameters, creating a harmonious duo. Guided by these assumptions, we have created the RAFTER trim family: RAFTER points trim and RAFTER wall washer trim – luminaires offering a whole range of applications.

First of all: compact dimensions and convenient mounting

The main advantage of the RAFTER trim collection is its compactness. The smallest luminaire RAFTER points trim is only 5x5cm, yet a set of three such small points is sufficient for functional lighting of 1m² of floor. Thanks to the low height, RAFTER trim products do not require large space in the ceiling – 7cm above the luminaire is enough. Therefore, even in lower rooms, where it is important that the suspended ceiling takes up as little space as possible and does not limit the volume of the interior, you can safely reach for the RAFTER trim. Thanks to the small frame around the luminaire, mounting process is significantly simplified and accelerated compared to the so-called "trimless" versions – a few millimeter frame covers the edge formed at the interface between the luminaire and the ceiling. This speeds up the work, because you do not need to perform precise plastering and finishing operations after mounting the luminaire. Small dimensions and easier assembly give us full freedom in arranging our own compositions consisting of several or even several dozen fixtures at the same time.

Secondly: a guarantee of visual comfort

RAFTER points trim is a fixture of extremely precise optics, which allows you to maintain the maximum angle of protection. Protection against glare is crucial for people. It is also another advantage when composing many RAFTER points trim luminaires simultaneously. Freedom of arrangement will not affect visual comfort. In all RAFTER trim versions – regardless of their size – we used the same technology giving the same lighting effect. Black, mirror reflectors look very tasteful, and complementary sizes of luminaires invite you to create complex compositions. Because technology and aesthetics should go hand-in-hand.

Third: light is, where it is needed

Precise optics provide not only visual comfort. It also ensures that the light is where we need it. And only there. RAFTER points trim precisely lights up the surface to which it is directed. Thanks to this, it allows you to increase the intensity of lighting in significant areas, with zero loss on lighting of a given work surface.

More options: RAFTER wall washer trim exposes what is special

The collection is complemented by the RAFTER wall washer trim luminaire, which is a great solution for accentuating vertical surfaces. Thanks to the use of asymmetrical optics, it perfectly emphasizes the charm of interestingly finished walls, photo wallpapers or paintings. Uniform lighting enhances the qualities of vertical surfaces even better. It also allows you to increase the intensity of lighting on the main surfaces, which makes the rooms perceived as much brighter. The external dimensions are identical to those of RAFTER points trim, the difference is in the optics. Thanks to this, by creating a composition of both products, you can prepare a visually homogeneous arrangement that effectively and precisely lights up floors or countertops (RAFTER points trim) and walls (RAFTER wall washer trim).

A specialist for many tasks

The minimalist design and simple form of RAFTER trim make this collection correspond perfectly with modern, elegant interiors. Thanks to great technical parameters, it effectively shows the way in dark corridors, brightens large office and hotel spaces, as well as highlights important interior details. Thanks to the compact dimensions, easy mounting and guarantee of visual comfort, you can freely create complex compositions with RAFTER trim luminaires. The numerous possibilities offered by this fixture are a response to many needs, which the highest quality lighting solutions must meet.