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ALULINE mini and ALULINE midi allow decorating spaces with neat light lines. A profile that enables coupling of elements to form the required sections, whether they are a straight segment or a polyline. This luminaire is dedicated to personalized designs.The overall price of a linear metre of the ALULINE mini or ALULINE midi system includes:- aluminium profile- flexible COB LED strip with an external power supply- possibility of connecting straight sections- end cups and connectorsChamfering the profile is available for extra charge.On request, you can order ALULINE with black cover. When turned ON, it shines evenly.On requestalu anodized -70 black anodized -72natural -11 13561113,520,424,526,216,222,210121616ALULINE mini LED recessedALULINE mini LED trimless recessedALULINE mini LED surfaceALULINE midi LED surface1234white -13black -12 greycoopergoldalu anodized -70 black anodized -721000mm cat. no 70124 | 2000mm cat. no 71236 | 3000mm cat. no 712371000mm cat. no 70125 | 2000mm cat. no 71238 | 3000mm cat. no 712391000mm cat. no 70126 | 2000mm cat. no 71240 | 3000mm cat. no 712411000mm cat. no 71216 | 2000mm cat. no 71242 LED stripe: moc M*: 10.0W (850lm) for 1 meterCRI: CRI>90 CCT: 3000K control: ON/OFFAdditional feature for 2|: mounting coverLED stripe: power M*: 20.0W (1700lm) for 1 meterCRI: CRI>90 CCT: 3000K control: ON/OFF*Data for LED light source 3000K.Light source ALULINE mini: 1, 2, 3 Light source ALULINE midi: 4
Lighting AQForm (Aquaform) ALULINE mini LED recessed
AQForm (Aquaform) ALULINE mini LED recessed
AQForm (Aquaform) ALULINE mini LED recessed

ALULINE mini LED recessed

ALULINE mini LED wpuszczany

Light source: LED, integrated
Available colour temperature: 3000K

Integrated light source.

2700K and 4000K on request.

This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class F.
Dimensional drawing of the luminaire A11003
  • CRI 90
  • IEC protection class - 2
  • The minimum distance from the illuminated object or surface - 0.2 m
  • Luminaire mounting point: ceiling, wall
  • Illumination direction:
  • No control.
  • Light source type
  • Light source in the third MacAdam elipse range.
Warranty period: 5 years


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