• TRU LED wall

TRU LED wall

TRU LED kinkiet

Power: depends on version
Available colour temperatures: 2700K/3000K/4000K

Integrated light source

Gear included

  • Input voltage - 230V.
  • CRI coefficient - CRI>90.
  • IEC protection class - 1.
  • The minimum distance from the illuminated object or surface - 0.2 m.
  • IP rating - IP20.
  • Illumination direction: non-directional down
  • LED integrated
  • Light source in the third MacAdam elipse range.
  • TRU LED kinkiet


  • SET TRU LED hermetic surface
  • SET TRU LED hermetic wall
  • SET TRU LED recessed
  • SET TRU LED surface
  • SET TRU LED surface track
  • SET TRU LED suspended
  • SET TRU LED suspended track
  • SET TRU LED track
  • SET TRU LED trim recessed
  • SET TRU LED wall
  • TRU LED recessed
  • TRU LED surface
  • TRU LED suspended
  • TRU LED trim recessed


L927low power2700KCRI>90
L930low power3000KCRI>90
L940low power4000KCRI>90
M927medium power2700KCRI>90
M930medium power3000KCRI>90
M940medium power4000KCRI>90

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Warranty: 5 years


selected product variants:catalogue number
TRU LED L927 wall black70032-L927-D9-00-12
TRU LED M927 wall black70032-M927-D9-00-12
TRU LED L927 wall white70032-L927-D9-00-13
TRU LED M927 wall white70032-M927-D9-00-13
TRU LED L927 wall gold70032-L927-D9-00-19
TRU LED M927 wall gold70032-M927-D9-00-19
TRU LED L927 wall taupe70032-L927-D9-00-82
TRU LED M927 wall taupe70032-M927-D9-00-82
TRU LED L927 wall terracotta70032-L927-D9-00-83
TRU LED M927 wall terracotta70032-M927-D9-00-83
TRU LED L927 wall grey70032-L927-D9-00-84
TRU LED M927 wall grey70032-M927-D9-00-84
TRU LED L930 wall black70032-L930-D9-00-12
TRU LED M930 wall black70032-M930-D9-00-12
TRU LED L930 wall white70032-L930-D9-00-13
TRU LED M930 wall white70032-M930-D9-00-13
TRU LED L930 wall gold70032-L930-D9-00-19
TRU LED M930 wall gold70032-M930-D9-00-19
TRU LED L930 wall taupe70032-L930-D9-00-82
TRU LED M930 wall taupe70032-M930-D9-00-82
TRU LED L930 wall terracotta70032-L930-D9-00-83
TRU LED M930 wall terracotta70032-M930-D9-00-83
TRU LED L930 wall grey70032-L930-D9-00-84
TRU LED M930 wall grey70032-M930-D9-00-84
TRU LED L940 wall black70032-L940-D9-00-12
TRU LED M940 wall black70032-M940-D9-00-12
TRU LED L940 wall white70032-L940-D9-00-13
TRU LED M940 wall white70032-M940-D9-00-13
TRU LED L940 wall gold70032-L940-D9-00-19
TRU LED M940 wall gold70032-M940-D9-00-19
TRU LED L940 wall taupe70032-L940-D9-00-82
TRU LED M940 wall taupe70032-M940-D9-00-82
TRU LED L940 wall terracotta70032-L940-D9-00-83
TRU LED M940 wall terracotta70032-M940-D9-00-83
TRU LED L940 wall grey70032-L940-D9-00-84
TRU LED M940 wall grey70032-M940-D9-00-84

photometric curves: