• Neo art deco cafe
  • Location — Londyn
  • Interior design — żurawicki.design Jakub Żurawicki, Joanna Kubiak

Inspirational interior of Neo art deco cafe

A place full of positive impressions, designed in the art deco style and illuminated by AQForm fixtures – what are we talking about? It’s an atmospheric ice cream parlor in pastel colours designed by Żurawicki Design!

An idea for craft ice cream in London

The restaurant consists of three rooms: a sales room with a combined function of a confectionery, ice cream parlor and café, production facilities and a toilet. The designed space has 67m², including the area of production facilities, where craft ice cream and cakes are being prepared on site. The initiator of the creation of an ice cream parlor in London is a Polish investor who, adopting a new direction of development, opens his proprietary brand to new markets. The designed ice cream parlor is to become the first place where the investor will promote his own brand of craft ice cream.

Art deco interior

Pink was the only colour imposed by the investor, and the studio's task was to compose the entire palette of its shades and additional colours for the project.

We created a map of associations regarding ice cream, desserts and sweets. We drew inspiration from the colours of the summer sky at sunset, which is dominated by pastel shades with a predominance of pink, blue and yellow. In the project we also focused on the art deco style, which we have always been inspired by. We used its elements to reflect the cafe style of the place” – says Joanna Kubiak from the Żurawicki Design studio.


The place is enriched by light, brass, almost openwork shelves, velor seats and marble tables.

Lighting that exposes the interior

When choosing lighting solutions for this project, the architects were equally guided by the role and function it is to fulfill in the room and the atmosphere it is to create.

In the sales room, we chose ROLL directional spotlight from the AQForm brand, which allows you to display the characteristic elements of the interior and products. An important element of the decor was also the choice of decorative lighting, which refers to our associations of summer sky, clouds and lightness, which is why we chose spherical luminaires as a complement. In the production part, diffusing lighting was used to light up the entire room ” – explains Joanna Kubiak.


ROLL – the choice of Żurawicki Design studio

The project uses, among others ROLL lighting fixtures - point directional lighting characterized by a wide range of motion, high power and CRI>90. This makes it a convenient display lighting: you can easily direct the light in the desired direction, emphasizing the elements of the interior that are to be noticed. High power allows to obtain the expected light intensity even in high rooms and showcases, and good colour rendering index (>90) guarantees that the products viewed will be shown in the best light

used in project

Meet interior designers

żurawicki.design Jakub Żurawicki, Joanna Kubiak

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