• restauracja “Planeta”
  • Location — restauracja “Planeta”
  • Interior design — Przestrzeń Agnieszka Klimek

Customized lighting in an amazing restaurant

Some interiors require especially careful selection of the lighting. It was the case of the Planeta Restaurant, where the lack of natural light was a huge challenge. Therefore, it was necessary to create an appropriate ambience exclusively depending on artificial lighting. How did the architect and the designer, Agnieszka Klimek, deal with this task?

Oświetlenie na wymiar z funkcją sterowania

In her design she decided to use automatic controlled system luminaires.

Planeta is a restaurant for special occasions and that is why the opportunity to split the lighting into several separate circuits was so important for me. Thanks to this, it was possible to create an adequate atmosphere for a given occasion every day anew. Moreover, the investor’s wish was to achieve the effect that would be as close as possible to natural daylight. The ability to control the lighting precisely and fine tune the amount of light in particular zones enables adjusting it to a particular situation. This is an ideal solution for public utility buildings, where the lighting must flexibly respond to specific needs“ as the author describes the design.


Uniform illumination of the wall with RAFTER wall washer

Kiedy trzeba równomiernie rozświetlić całą powierzchnię ściany warto sięgnąć po oświetlenie z asymetryczną optyką takie jak RAFTER wall washer LED trim recessed. Light emitted by RAFTER wall washer LED trim recessed is reflected by tiny mirror which is integrated with luminaire optics. As a result, the luminaire illuminates the wall along its entire height, from the edge of the ceiling to the floor itself. The light is directed to wall instead of the floor even though luminaire is almost flushed with the ceiling surface.

It is thanks to the asymmetrical optics of the luminaire that it was possible to emphasize the phenomenal pattern on the restaurant wall so perfectly.

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