Take part in the webinar "Everything worth knowing about track systems"

Tracks are an extremely flexible solution that allows you to play with the arrangement. Thanks to them, you can easily change the number, place and even type of installed fixures without the need for renovation or calling an electrician. Take part in the webinar " Everything worth knowing about track systems " and learn proven ways to use them in interiors. To register your participation, just fill out the form at the end of this article.

A versatile solution for many needs

Track systems easily adapt to various arrangement needs. This is particularly useful, especially in interiors with changing functions, such as shops or galleries, where the exhibition changes regularly. It is also a popular solution in hotels and restaurants, thanks to which changing the position of a table, nightstands or picture is not a problem anymore. Track systems, thanks to their characteristic, modern form, are also gaining popularity in private spaces, adding an aesthetic touch to the home living room, kitchen or corridor.

Sign up for the webinar and learn the secrets of tracks

We invite you to the webinar "Everything worth knowing about track systems", led by our lighting expert - Przemek Kalinowski. During the meeting, using specific examples, we will explain, among others:

  • What are the differences between various types of tracks systems and what are their capabilities?
  • How to create an "L"-shaped or rectangular system?
  • What are the different ways of controlling tracks?
  • Which fixtures will work best for this type of solution?
  • In which rooms is it worth using tracks systems and where is it better to avoid them?

The training will be held in 3 languages: Polish, English and Spanish. To participate, simply register your attendance. Click on the selected link, fill out the form and discover proven methods for flexible space lighting!

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For training participants we have prepared a special bonus: a brochure about track systems that will help you design lighting with pleasure and without hesitation.