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The SPIDER system is a combination of many luminaires with one lamp canopy. The characteristic form guarantees full freedom – it is only up to us how we arrange the individual „arms”. This modern accessory corresponds perfectly with various interior styles. It is a tasteful decoration in arrangements with a loft, Scandinavian or classic mood. The SPIDER system is ideally suited to the kitchen, living room, as well as public spaces. The raw charm makes it look great both in a minimalist form, e.g. with PET next mini fittings, and more decorative, for example, when the MODERN GLASS series is used.Spider ceiling fixing allows to straighten the cable or create a loose loop on the ceiling by locking the fixing.Select the shape, finish and colour of the luminaire for the SPIDER system.Choose The size, colour and finish of the lamp canopy. More holes or non-standard arrangements are possible. Remember that more than one lamp canopy can be joined together. Next to each SPIDER luminaire, you will find information about what accessories fit it. Select the colour, finish and number of ceiling fixing needed.Choose the colour of the cable, then select the number of wires needed. The standard cable length per a SPIDER module is 1400mm. Longer on request.Check out some examples!Step 1:Choose luminaire moduleStep 3: Choose ceiling fixingStep 4:Define cablesStep 2:Choose lamp canopy