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The RAW mini LED recessed system is a customizable profile which can be cut to any length and its segments can be joined at any angle. The minimum length of a single RAW mini recessed segment is 290mm. The maximum length of a single segment without a connector is 2200 mm. Luminaires based on the RAW mini LED are custom made individually for each project.The price is calculated on one linear metre of profile and includes:- RAW mini LED recessed profile- 140mm, 280mm or 560mm long LED modules with power supply- mounting accessories- optional straight connectorsAngular connectors are charged as extra. module LED 560mmL power: 8.5W, 1160lm | M power: 17.0W, 2320lmmodule LED 280mmL power: 4.5W, 580lm | M power: 8.5W, 1160lmmodule LED 140mmL power: 2.0W, 290lm | M power: 4.5W, 580lmpower: L power version | M power versionCRI: CRI>90CCT: 2700K | 3000K | 4000Kdimming: dependent on versionstandard structure additional blackgreycoopergoldmixwhiteAn example of RAW mini systemLED modulesFinishesLight source: LED integratedGood to knowFor one power supply section, the minimum lighting segment length is 290mm.The maximum length of a single section is 2200mm.On the connections of the system elements which emit diffused light - separate covers meet. In the place where the covers are joined, up to 1000mm the dilatation ±1mm is left, and forcovers over 1000mm the dilatation ±2mm is left. Dilatation is required due to the thermal expansion of the material. In the case of angular connections of elements emitting diffused light, the LED modules are not placed exactly in the corners, which may cause the formation of delicate shadows on the cover.