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PET next mini rift is an elegant luminaire that, despite its small size,surprises with numerous possibilities and excellent technical parameters. It will work perfectly as accent lighting, emphasizing your favorite details in the interior, or task lighting - effectively illuminating the work surface. Thanks to various lengths to choose from and the possibility of combining finishes, PET next mini rift, especially in the group of several luminaires, is a kind of invitation to create original compositions.In the PET next mini rift system, you selecta lighting module that has fixed dimensions(visible height: 43mm) and you configure the restof the luminaire separately: the housing module.Decide separately what the length of thebody will be. The shortest available moduleis 200mm and grows in 100mm incrementsup to the total length of the luminaire 1000mm.Step 1:Define the assembly.Surface or suspended.Step 3:Define the housing.Colour and length.Step 4:Define the cable.For suspended version.Step 2:Define the lighting module.Light parameters and colour.wallpower: M*: 6.5W (590lm)CRI: CRI>90CCT: 2700K | 3000K | 4000Kbeam angle: 20° | 41°control optional: ON/OFF*Data for LED light source 3000Ksuspendedpower: M*: 4.5W (540lm)standardstructureadditionalblackgreycoopergoldmixwhite&blackwhiteFinishesLight source:LED integratedCheck out exapmples of PET next mini riftCreate your PET next mini rift