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System MIXLINE surface is a configurable lighting which offersfreedom of choice as regards the arrangement:we can put together oblong forms into various shapes joined at right angles or create a lighting installation from multiple individual luminaires connected to each other. Thanks to this, a single product is capable of lighting up a 15 meter long corridor as well as a table for 20 persons in a spacious dining room or a conference sectionpower supply sectionconnectorspower: dependent on versionCRI: CRI>90 CCT: 2700K | 3000K | 4000K beam angle: 26° | 54° dimming: optional: DALI/switchDIM, AQsmartstandard structure additional blackgreycoopergoldmixwhiteAn example of the MIXLINE surface system ComponentsFinishesLight source: LED integrateddata for 3000K and CRI>90cat. sectionconnectorspower supply section on requestblind profile701097011970095700947008570086700877008870089700907009170092701227011170110MIXLINE 32 non DIM surface non dim | 320mmMIXLINE 32 DIM surface DALI/switchDIM | 320mmMIXLINE 36 AQsmart surface AQsmart | 360mmstraight connectorwall-ceiling connectorL connectordimming dependent on power supply sectionMIXLINE 32 LED surface 320mm | power: 8.5W | 1160lmMIXLINE 60 LED surface 600mm | power: 17.0W | 2320lmMIXLINE 88 LED surface 880mm | power: 26.0W | 3490lmMIXLINE 116 LED surface 1160mm | power: 34.5W | 4650lmMIXLINE lens 29 LED surface 290mm | power: 3.5W | 450lmMIXLINE lens 54 LED surface 540mm | power: 7.0W | 900lmMIXLINE lens 79 LED surface 790mm | power: 11.0W | 1350lmMIXLINE lens 104 LED surface 1040mm | power: 14.5W | 1800lm