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With the recessed MIXLINE system you can create individualcompositions of lighting fixtures. This is an interesting solution that can be fully adapted to the interior design. The whole range of possibilities, high efficiency and flexibility of personalized luminaires allow you to create extremely original forms of lighting.MIXLINE system luminaires are made of the following modules: lighting sections (linear or point), power supply sections and connectors. MIXLINE can be joined straight or at an angle of 90°. lighting sectionpower supply sectionconnectorspower: dependent on versionCRI: CRI>90 CCT: 2700K | 3000K | 4000K beam angle: 26° | 54° dimming: optional: DALI/switchDIM, AQsmartstandard structure additional blackgreycoopergoldmixwhiteAn example of the MIXLINE recessed system ComponentsFinishesLight source: LED integrateddata for 3000K and CRI>90cat. sectionconnectorspower supply section on requestblind profile701097012070107701067009770098700997010070101701027010370104701237011170110MIXLINE 32 non DIM recessed non dim | 320mmMIXLINE 32 DIM recessed DALI/switchDIM | 320mmMIXLINE 36 AQsmart recessed AQsmart | 360mmstraight connectorL connectordimming dependent on power supply sectionMIXLINE 32 LED recessed 320mm | power: 8.5W | 1160lmMIXLINE 60 LED recessed 600mm | power: 17.0W | 2320lmMIXLINE 88 LED recessed 880mm | power: 26.0W | 3490lmMIXLINE 116 LED recessed 1160mm | power: 34.5W | 4650lmMIXLINE lens 29 LED recessed 290mm | power: 3.5W | 450lmMIXLINE lens 54 LED recessed 540mm | power: 7.0W | 900lmMIXLINE lens 79 LED recessed 790mm | power: 11.0W | 1350lmMIXLINE lens 104 LED recessed 1040mm | power: 14.5W | 1800lm wall-ceiling connector