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The TRU LED system is customizable profile which can be cut to any length and its segments can be joined at any angle. The minimum length of a single TRU LED segment is 290mm. The maximum length of a single segment without a connector is 2200mm. Luminaires based on the TRU LED are custom made individually for each project.The price is calculated on one linear metre of profile and includes:- TRU LED profile- 140mm, 280mm or 560mm long LED modules with power supply- mounting accessories- optional straight connectorsAngular connectors are charged as extra. module LED 560mmL power: 8.5W, 1160lm | M power: 17.0W, 2320lmmodule LED 280mmL power: 4.5W, 580lm | M power: 8.5W, 1160lmmodule LED 140mmL power: 2.0W, 290lm | M power: 4.5W, 580lmpower: L power version | M power versionCRI: CRI>90 CCT: 2700K | 3000K | 4000Kdimming: dependent on versionstandard structure additional blackgreycoopergoldmixwhiteAn example of TRU system LED modulesFinishesLight source: LED integratedGood to knowFor one power supply section, the minimum lighting segment length is 290mm.The maximum length of a single section is 2200mm.System TRU does not require additional space for power supplies.On the connections of the system elements which emit diffused light - separate covers meet. In the place where the covers are joined, up to 1000mm the dilatation ±1mm is left, and forcovers over 1000mm the dilatation ±2mm is left. Dilatation is required due to the thermal expansion of the material. In the case of angular connections of elements emitting diffused light, the LED modules are not placed exactly in the corners, which may cause the formation of delicate shadows on the cover.Data for LED light source 3000K.
PET next rift is a luminaire belonging to the popular PET family, in the case of which you can make individual decisions about the desired length. This feature facilitates designing configurations consisting of several luminaires. In this case, the rhythmically changing length will enhance the character of an interiorBy selecting a lighting module, you define the light parameters (lighting angle and colour temperature) and the colour of the finish of this element. The colour of the lighting module is independent of the finish of the rest of the product.You decide separately what the length of the body will be. The shortest available module is 145mm (the total length of the luminaire is then 200mm = 55mm + 145mm) and grows in 100mm increments up to the total length of the luminaire, i.e., 1000mm. Finally, you choose one of the available cables: white, black or transparent.In the PET next rift system, you select a lighting module that has fixed dimensions (visible height: 55mm) and you configure the rest of the luminaire separately: the housing module.Decide separately what the length of the body will be. The shortest available module is 145mm (the total length of the luminaire is then 200mm - 55mm + 145mm) and grows in 100mm increments up to the total length of the luminaire 1000mm.Check out exapmples of PET next riftStep 1:Define the assembly.Surface or suspended.Step 3: Define the housing.Colour and length.Step 4:Define the cable For suspended version.Step 2:Define the lighting module. Light parameters and colour Create your PET next riftpower: M*: 8.5W (1140lm)CRI: CRI>90CCT: 2700K | 3000K | 4000Kbeam angle: 18° | 35° | 50°control optional: ON/OFF / DALI** white&blackFinishesLight source: LED integrated* Data for LED light source 3000K** For the housing of min. 200mmstandard structure additionalblackgreycoopergoldmixwhite